Tuesday, 31 May 2011

The Cesc Fabregas Conundrum...

A common criticism of Manchester City is that their approach to football is similar to a game of Football Manager, and at times if the press are to be believed it can certainly seem that way.  Reports today are continuing to circulate that Roberto Mancini is seriously a considering a move for nowty Catalan and Arsenal captain Cesc Fabregas.

The 'story' is clearly based on absolutely nothing concrete and is essentially just hearsay.  The Mirror reckon that Arsenal are so desperate to keep their captain that they would reject the £30million that supposedly Barcelona value him at, somehow the writer of the piece then jumps from that to City offering £50million, a sum which clearly would be accepted by the hierarchy at the Emirates.

I would never question the players ability, he is a top midfielder and would be a fine long term replacement for Xavi at the Nou Camp, but even if there was a grain of truth to such a story, would I really want City to pay £50million for a player that in all honesty I cannot stand.  It would be foolish to suggest that there isn't a place for him in the City midfield, De Jong, Fabregas and Toure has a fine ring to it, but I just can't feel this move would be far to 'Football Manager' for me.
As I have said previously Fabregas is a player of the highest quality, but there is something about him I cannot stand, his behaviour on the pitch irritates me and whilst he has is not one of the worst offenders for moaning and mouthing off, his regularity of doing it still grates on me.  That coupled with the ridiculous price tag just turn it into a deal that I can't get overly excited about.  I suppose in this market where Andy Carroll is worth £35million, £50mill for Fabregas is probably fair but it doesn't mean we should be paying it.

Even without my whole personal problem with the Spaniard, I think the chances of him agreeing to such a move are about as tiny as that of Dimitar Berbatov still being a United player next season.  For whatever reason Fabregas loves Arsenal, and Arsenal loves him back, the Mirror article contradicts itself by pointing out that he has himself stated that he would only ever play for the Catalans or the North London club, but then in the same story they claim a move to City could be in the offing.

Really all signs point towards some more low rent journalism in a tabloid, but it got me thinking that even though he's a great footballer, I hope we don't spend that sort of money on him....

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