Thursday, 19 May 2011

Greetings From The Invisible Man!

Welcome to 'Thoughts From The Invisible Man...', I hope to strike a chord with all fellow blues over the coming years, and I really hope that you will get as much enjoyment out of this website, as I hope to get out of writing for it.  I have been a City fan for 27 years, and in all honesty, the highs of the last week and a bit I would never have predicted 5 years ago, there again, would any of us have seen this coming?

My hope is to track this journey that we are now all beginning and hopefully provide some sort of entertainment and analysis along the way.  I have previously written for another footballing website, and some of the features I wrote there I will be bringing over to The Invisible Man, you can expect to find match reports, player ratings, reports on reserve team games and youth team games as well as plenty of transfer rumour and speculation.

Not everything on here is going to be related to City, if Liverpool sign Messi for £200million you can expect to find it covered, if Stockport County resign Barry Conlon however you have may have to look elsewhere for coverage of that.

At this moment in time, I am still working on making the site look as good as it possibly can, so expect an 'optimised' version at some point in the future (that will give me something to do over the Summer break), also if you are on twitter follow @thegoatfeeder and join in the debate.

Well that pretty much wraps up the opening post, welcome to 'Thoughts From The Invisible Man...'.

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