Wednesday, 6 July 2011

My Carlos Tevez Replacements Rated Out of 10!

Clearly there is no definitive answer on the whole Tevez saga at this point, and in a few weeks we could easily have another statement claiming he wants to say.  Rather than go on about the impact and effect on the team of his possible departure, i've been thinking about who would be a good replacement?

Below are my thoughts on some of the ideas i've read, i've also given each a nifty rating out of 10, now clearly there will be players that I have omitted and maybe you don't agree with my thoughts, but isn't that what's great about football? So lets get into it:

Didier Drogba
One possible solution is a short term fix, someone that can come in and take the strain for a season while the rest of our forward line continue to find their feet.  Drogba may be getting on a bit, but he is a proven goal scorer in the top flight, with the ongoing rejuvenation of Chelsea they would probably be prepared to sell and he may fancy one final big pay day.  He may be an entirely different player to Tevez, but I think he would score goals, and as a quick short term solution I am unsure there are many better options.  Having said that if we are spending money it would be better to look to the future and this goes against the Ivorian.  The other problem is that he is remarkably similar to what we already have, and for many that would make him a less attractive proposition.

7/10 - Could do a job in the short term, but isn't overly inspiring.

Karim Benzema

A few years ago the French striker was toasted as being one of the finest prospects in Europe, there were long running rumours linking him with both Arsenal and Manchester United but it was Real Madrid that took the plunge.   In his first season he only managed 8 goals, and this term just ended he was mostly used as a substitute, however he was handed a life line as an injury to Gonzalo Higuain brought him into the first team on a more regular basis.  He was actually pretty successful this term scoring 26 goals in 48 games, for most people that would make him a key player but with the wealth of forwards at Madrid there are still intense rumours suggesting that they would be prepared to sell.

8/10 - There are some questions over his ability to score in England, however with Madrid's interest in Tevez we could get both the player and money if we deal with Jose Mourinho.

Gonzalo Higuain

I have rated the Argentine for a long time, now in his 5th season with Real he has become a really prolific goal scorer and their first choice striker.  In his time with the club he has netted 69 goals in 127 games, clearly an impressive strike rate and with time I can see his skill set and goal scoring form translating to England.  At 23 he is still young and has a long career ahead of him, and that clearly is another positive.  The only real downside is his injury record which isn't the best, we have enough players made of glass and we could do without another.  Injuries aside though I think he would be ideal, clearly he is a very different player to Tevez but I don't necessarily think that is a bad thing.

9/10 - As with Benzema, I think there is definitely a deal to be done here, and a money plus Higuain offer isn't necessarily out of the question.

Samuel Eto'o

The former Barcelona striker was closely linked to City a few years ago, but at the time it seemed he may have been using the club to ensure a higher wage at wherever he did end up moving too.  Ultimately he signed for Inter Milan and he has been reasonably successful, continuing his impressive scoring record from his previous club.  There have been murmurings in recent months about a possible move to England, with him claiming that he wanted to play in all the top leagues, but I wonder if it is more down to the money he could earn.  At 30 years old he is one of the older options, and I can't help but think he is angling for one final large pay day, clearly a good player but I am not sure he is the right man for us at this moment.

6/10 - We previously tried a deal involving Tevez and Eto'o and it didn't come off, and to be honest I am glad, he may be younger than Drogba but his lack of knowledge of the English league makes him less attractive.

Sergio Aguero

Fellow Argentine Sergio Aguero has been performing extremely well in La Liga for Atletico Madrid for a few years now.  He has proven himself to be an all round forward and I believe that makes him a more than ideal replacement for Tevez.  He is a hard worker, extremely skillful and I think he could be very successful in England.  Question marks remain over whether he would score enough goals and I understand that argument, but I think he would be well worth the gamble.  If this is the man we go for, it will have to be sharpish as a move to Juventus is currently in the pipeline.  Clearly Atletico couldn't afford Tevez so we might have to find a buyer before we can finance this move, but with a release clause set at £35million I think this is a no brainer.

10/10 - For me he is far and away the best option to replace Tevez, he is a different type of player to Dzeko and Balotelli

Best of the rest:

Edinson Cavani - 6/10 - Never been overly impressed when i've seen him, expensive, and not sure about the Serie A to Premier League jump.

David Villa - 9/10 - Age is the only thing that puts me off in all honesty, good goal scoring, and good team player, expensive and not many years left on the clock however.

Hulk - 8/10 - I really like Hulk, but others don't, sometimes people suggest his footballing brain isn't good enough, physically great though.

Giuseppe Rossi - 7/10 - Unfortunate United links, good player and useful age, but never really been consistent enough for me.

Ezequiel Lavezzi - 7/10 - Looks decent, but doesn't score enough for me and would be very expensive.

Neymar - 2/10 - Just no...

If you made it to the end of this ramble, well done.  I am sure the majority of you may not agree with scores, or maybe even my first choice.  I stand by my thoughts though, I think if we end the month with Aguero (and maybe Nasri) and without Carlos Tevez I would be reasonably content.

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