Friday, 16 March 2012

A Few Simple Thoughts On Our Management Situation....

= Si!

= Não!

I did say that they were simple thoughts.  Improvement is key in football, this year is so much better than last.  Sure we could end it without a trophy, but would any City fan disagree with the basic fact that we have been so much improved this season.  Each year under Mancini has been significantly better than the last, so who says next time round won't be even better still.

I realise it is only a minority calling for a change in management, and to those people I ask the simple question that I posed last week.  Have you learnt nothing from our own history? Have you learnt nothing from Chelsea's recent past?  Chopping and changing the management simply doesn't work, we have to give Bobby AT LEAST  one more season, so get behind the team, lets enjoy the run in and Forza Mancini!

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