Saturday, 9 June 2012

Nasri Next Out Of The Door? Not a Chance....

It has been a pretty bad week to be a blue, well that is if you believe what you read in the papers.  According to our fantastic media the end is nigh, Roberto Mancini is preparing to quit to take over as Italy coach because his wife can't settle in Manchester, Sergio Aguero, David Silva, Edin Dzeko, Nigel De Jong, Adam Johnson and Mario Balotelli are all leaving, we were snubbed by Eden Hazard and now according to reports in France, Samir Nasri is on the way as well.  It's great being a City fan isn't it?

Clearly the media circus around the club is going to get more mental every year, but the notion of moving on about half of our playing staff as well as our manager to be honest is ridiculous, and yet people get paid to write this stuff?  Obviously, there are going to be players departing this Summer, that is the nature of the game, just as there will be a few new arrivals, but the wholesale revolution being talked of in the media seems nothing short of farce. 

The latest claims doing the rounds revolve around the future of Samir Nasri and they originate from the bastion of quality French journalism, sports paper L'Equipe.  The paper claim that the former Arsenal man has not impressed his manager this season and claim that City are prepared to 'listen to offers', and with that comment comes my first problem with the piece.  The story is being spun as if we are seeking to move on the midfielder after only one season, when what it actually says is that we may be prepared to listen to other clubs should they make an offer that is deemed acceptable.  Now, outside of Aguero, Toure, Silva, Kompany and Hart I think you could say the exact same about any member of our squad, but there again 'City would consider selling Nasri if a good offer comes in' doesn't quite have the right sensationalist ring to it does it?

If we ignore that aspect of the story, there are other ridiculous things at play here as well.  Firstly why would we be wanting rid of the 24 year old?  In my mind he has had a solid season, some criticised him in the opening period, but I think that is a bit harsh, and perhaps underestimates the challenge of adapting to a new club and team.  In the last few months of the season however, Nasri has been one of our best performers, and he has taken some of the slack off Silva who toiled for a spell during the beginning of 2012.  It is also worth pointing out that he has got more assists to his name this season alone than in his entire career at Arsenal, but supposedly Mancini isn't impressed?

I am not going to second guess the management of the club, they know what they are doing, and whilst Nasri may not have been quite as glittering as some expected I just can't imagine why we would be looking to sell the French international, who, at 24, has still got his peak and prime to come.  

If we return to the original point though, I still find the whole story incredibly misleading, it says in black and white that we aren't looking to sell, but would listen to offers.  Now wait and see what the red tops do with that tomorrow morning.

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