Tuesday, 23 August 2011

When Will Ade Stop Believing His Own Hype?

Other than the fact that we were better than them last year, one of the main reasons Spurs failed to qualify for the Champions League was lack a of goals, and as hard as Redknapp has tried to fix that problem, he has so far failed.

He has started the season (albeit only one league game and one Europa League game) with Jermain Defoe as his first choice striker with Dutch maestro Van der Vaart playing just off him.  The English striker only managed to net 4 league goals last season which was hardly an inspiring return, Peter Crouch wasn't much better and although Roman Pavlyuchenko scored a few goals he still doesn't seem to be thought of particularly highly around White Hart Lane.

We have all heard at great length about how they are looking to our very own Adebayor to solve his goal crisis.  As City fans we know that on paper it would be a great signing for them, but in reality it would probably be a spectacular failure.  Adebayor will score goals for them, but only when he is in the mood, he is almost guaranteed to score in the North London derby, but at the same time it is a close certainty that he will do something which will result in a 3 game ban.

In pure footballing terms he is a great striker when on form, and can be absolutely unplayable but those occasions are far too inconsistent for my liking and Tottenham will find the same problem.  I see a level of similarity between Spurs and City fans in some ways, both sets of supporters like players who give everything and put it all on the line, even if they aren't as technically gifted as others, that definitely doesn't describe the Togolese striker.

The 27 year old fancies himself as being so much better than he actually is, he has made it publicly clear that he is holding out for a move to Real Madrid where he spent the second half of last season on loan, I think Ade is the only person in Europe though that believes he is good enough for a club of that size.  His total haul for the Spanish giants was 8 goals in 22 games, 5 of which came in the league.  When you consider that he was probably working as hard as he ever works in that period it is not a particularly impressive tally.

The size of the players ego however doesn't end there, according to todays Mirror he has started telling his prospective new club that they must sign new players in order for him to sign, Wayne Rooney this guy isn't.  The newspaper reckon that he has insisted they sign Lassana Diarra and assure him of other quality signings before he agrees to a potential move, I find this attitude bizarre since if he doesn't deem the Spurs squad good enough his only other option is our reserve squad, it seems pretty farcical to me, he must really believe that a massive club will come in for him, something which patently isn't going to happen.

Even if this deal is going to happen, it still seems crazy to me for us to strengthen one of our rivals, even though he won't score hat fulls of goals for them, he will still be of assistance.  I suppose on the other hand it could get his wages off our books which will clearly help, the City fans I have spoken to seem pretty split on it really.  Clearly he isn't a 'Mancini player', but thanks to our previous manager we are stuck with him on sky high wages and maybe just getting rid of him to wherever is preferable even if it does help Tottenham...

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